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Website Design and SEO Blog

How will your customers find you?

More than 3 billion internet searches are performed each day in Google alone. That does not include other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. How many of those searches pertain to your business? How many potential customers are visiting and buying from competitors because they found them first?

The Search Engine Optimization industry has exploded for just this reason. Many use methods that are less than honorable and exploit others to get ahead. As a savvy small business owner, you know to be weary of grand promises with no substance. Getting a website to rank takes time and a multi-pronged approach.

How we get your small business noticed

Keyword Research

Many SEO companies can get results, but for keyword combinations that no one is searching for. It takes effort, but we work to find keyword combinations that will get quality traffic and not break your budget in the process.

Website optimization

Once the right keywords are identified, our experts will implement industry standards to your website so that the search engines see those keywords in the right places.

Local Search

This is the true engine that gets results. We have built a network of web directories that focus at the local level and the search engines love. With listings laden with your keywords on these sites, you get a significant boost to your search rankings.

…there are many location based web services to take advantage of. We offer services to make and keep listings for many location based websites.

If your small business has a physical location, there are many location based web services to take advantage of. We offer services to make and keep listings for many location based websites. You can even update all of these sites at one time with specials, promotions, updated store hours for an affordable yearly fee.

Social Media

The search engines are giving more weight to your small business presence in sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Representing your business well on these sites is critical, but can be time consuming to set up and maintain. We offer services to make this a less daunting task for you by setting up a great presence and giving you the tools and training needed to make sure you see return for this investment.

Link Building

In addition to our proprietary directories, we will set up a link building strategy that is still the lifeblood of SEO today. We make sure to only post on the highest ranking sites believing quality is better than quantity.

Analysis and Reporting

SEO is not a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ kind of thing. We regularly analyze and report on how the SEO efforts are paying off. Through this analysis, weaknesses in the strategy are identified and efforts are bolstered in these areas so that your ranking is maintained or continues to climb.

Let's talk! NO hard sell.
We are NOT sales people, we are your business partners.



Mark Barreres CEO - and founder of

It's NOT about the technology! - Human Generosity and Participation
is the key to make things happen.

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